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23-Apr-2017 17:37

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Because of Pence, it’s expecting to see north of 10,000 visitors in 2016 -- a record.

But don’t expect Disney-esque lines, because most of the guests are school tour groups.

Since yet another Hoosier (Trump’s wingman, Indiana governor Mike Pence) is angling for the job of First Second Banana, we decided to take a look.

Here’s what we learned about the Center and the vice presidency in general. because this is where Dan Quayle spent a good portion of his childhood, and began both his law practice and political career.

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Thomas Jefferson, who served as James Madison’s vice president, described the gig as a “tranquil and unoffending station.” John Nance Garner, one of Franklin D.

Harding’s wingman) added, “I enjoyed my time as vice president.

It never interfered with my mandatory 11 hours of sleep a day.” Somebody from HR really should have talked to these guys.

A wingsuit flies three metres forward for every metre that you are going down.

You are going down at an angle of 35 degrees or so.

You won’t kill more than an hour at the veep museum, so keep the outhouse tour as your backup plan.