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02-Oct-2016 14:20

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Could you create a “publish all” plugin that would recognize changes in my LR collection, and force them onto the Smug Mug collection and then publish them automatically? Looking forward to hearing from you- Alison Taggart-Barone Photo Editor Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Thanks for the above answer to my request for putting the file’s original name in the meta data.I can see how I can add it as a keyword., caption, or title areas.The I have to slide the main window out of the way to get to the button to complete the action. I am on Mac OS 10.12.4 and LR 2017.9 tks, louie Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope here…Lightroom (or the OS) handle that and don’t give the plugin any say in the matter.

I recently stumbled on something called LRInstagram.

Hi Jeffrey, At one time Lightroom would put the RAW FILENAME in the metadata. There was a plug-in that did it for a while, but I don’t know who made it. I work for a non profit that cares for the environment, and we have a large collection of images in a Lightroom folder structure of about 75 carefully organized folders and subfolders.

I’d like to keep the file’s original name in the metadata that gets exported, so if you rename the file, the original . I have an exact duplicate structure in Smug Mug, which works quite well for my users.

Recently I have been experiencing a problem with window focus specifically when using the Plug-in Manager to download and install updates and when using your Geoencoding plug with the One-By-One dialog.

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In both cases when I click the button to install or to apply location data when the operation is completed the window is popped behind the main window and you cannot even bring it forward by clicking on the title bar.Jeffrey, I just upgraded my PC and tried to reinstall your Lightroom Collection Publisher plugin, which I’ve been using for years.