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Measure around the widest part of your calf and check the size chart on the package.

If your stockings are sheer, use a lingerie bag to prevent snags. Silicone top-bands will loose their softness more quickly if machine dried. This removes dirt and oils from your skin that can break-down the spandex, and it returns the stocking to its original shape and size.

Pulling up on the handles, pulls the stocking up your leg.

Bright Life Direct sells 4 different stocking donners and there is an instructional video on each product page..

Some brands can be machine washed and dried, some just machine washed, some require hand washing and air drying.

As with any item made of fabric, it will last longer if it's hand washed and air dried, but this can be difficult.

Easy-Slide is a nylon sleeve you put on your leg before donning your stocking.

This interface defines two properties that returns a string indicating what is wrong with the object and some property of the object respectively.… continue reading »

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In 1968 Kathleen Cleaver told an interviewer: For so many, many years we were told that only white people were beautiful; that only straight hair, light eyes, light skin, was beautiful; and so black women would try everything they could to straighten their hair, lighten their skin, to look as much like white women.… continue reading »

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Justice Department made headlines in October when it announced it would release some 6,000 inmates early from federal prisons.… continue reading »

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