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Mr Mc Clean graduated with a first class degree in French from Oxford University.He began working at the FT in September 2015 and was previously based in Brussels, covering Brexit for the newspaper.Heavy.''I'm sure he was close to the river for it to take him.Police looking and army too.'There are two different kinds of crocodile that live in Sri Lanka, the Marsh, or 'Mugger', crocodile and the estuarine crocodile.Mr Mc Clean was washing his hands in a lagoon or river set back from the beach in an area called Elephant Rock, a popular surfing area for British backpackers.Witnesses said they saw the 24-year-old wave his arms in the air before vanishing under the water.

'But above all, Paul was a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Each crocodile jaw has 24 teeth that are meant to grasp and crush, not chew.

Crocodiles swallow stones which help grind food inside their stomachs.

Crocodile attacks are far more common than shark attacks, but because many take place in small and impoverished communities they do not receive as much media coverage.

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The two breeding crocodile species in Sri Lanka are the mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodiles.

He went to the toilet next to the lagoon and was grabbed by a crocodile.'There are lots in the lagoon.