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07-Aug-2017 18:45

A nurse who would casually tell a patient they don’t “look bipolar”—as if one could offer psychiatric diagnoses from a quick visual scan—increases an unnecessary stigma that could potentially alienate patients from speaking up about their mental health concerns.

A nurse who does both should be reprimanded, retrained, and quite possibly encouraged to look for a different line of work.

I think my sisters are absolutely gorgeous, but will this make them self-conscious or make them feel like I’m critical of their noses? I really wish I had just done this in my 20s before these types of questions would occur to me, but now that I’m more mature and economically able to make this choice, I’m worried it might impact other people. gotten this procedure as a twentysomething, all your concerns would still be true now, even if you might have cared less about the opinions of other people at the time.

There is no magical point in your life when getting a nose job would have guaranteed an emotionally comfortable, social implication–free procedure.

Don’t think the decision will become easy by wishing the tough questions didn’t exist; spend some time trying to figure out how you want to answer them instead.

She’s a danger to patients, and you’re looking out for the greater good by speaking up.