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In many places, these layers have been scoured by erosion, altered by seeping water, and jumbled by tectonic activity.About a year after the discovery, paleoanthropologist Thomas Sutikna, the new study’s lead author and a Ph. candidate at the Centre for Archaeological Research in Jakarta, pushed the team to take a closer look at the series of sedimentary layers, or stratigraphy, along the eastern wall.Using uranium-thorium dating—which is based on the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium isotopes in a material—they found dates ranging from about 66,000 to 87,000 years generally thought to have spread throughout Southeast Asia’s islands and into Australia by about 50,000 years ago.“It became clear that there were two very different deposits that just happened to be superimposed against each other on a 45-degree angle,” Tocheri says.

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"If you think about Tinder and Match and Ok Cupid, a huge part of dating products is the audience they attract," he said.This suggests that the fossils themselves couldn’t possibly be younger than 60,000 years old, the team reports online today in .To cap it off, the team has now directly dated the fossils themselves.The charcoal bits were dated to around 19,000 and 13,000 to 11,000 years before present.

But Liang Bau boasts a devilishly complicated geological history, as layers of silt and clay interleave with layers of weathered limestone, loose gravel, and volcanic ash.“In my opinion, this paper drives the final nail in the coffin” of that hypothesis.

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