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12-Dec-2016 15:38

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I was so proud of my wife showing off to those strangers and letting me film it and you taking pics with your cell phone for the rest of the internet!

Im so excited to see my wife on because I know how many men will be watching her show off!

Its great to see so many women on the beach letting everyone get a good look at their butts like they would never get the chance to if they were anywhere else in public, but since they are on the beach, well then they should let us see their beautiful butts!

Our personal favorite, the chick in the Baywatch one pierce that was riding up her ass!

He would love the chance to jerk off to his wife while watching a video of her on the nude beach so here it is! Hubby loves to see his wife Helena tease strangers in public!

So Helena with her husbands knowledge is taking a couple hours on the nude beach to tease some cocks on film without him around!

After getting an email from this couple, we decided to tag along to watch.

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We wanted Mrs Constance not to be too sure of who was an invited voyeur and who was just a random guy hanging out in the dunes watching her put on a little show.Maybe its cause I always fantasize about my wife exposing herself. I have a few vids of her but never teasing or playing with her pussy in front of strangers. My wife has been secretly wanting to show off a little more in front of me but she was not sure if I would approve.I have been waiting for the day to have her play with her self at the nude beach.Thank you for making my fantasy come true and meeting up with us at the nude beach!

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I was surprised to see my wife sitting with her legs open like that. You were not the only one watching, We even had a couple of guys hiding in the dunes watching.

Now, Helena was dropped of at the beach and found a spot in the sun to lay her towel down.