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You are not God, so you don’t know why a person writes something.3) Any comment designed to make me angry will make me angry and will be removed in anger.What about putting a built-in wardrobe in your bedroom, or an alcove study under the stairs?My Virtual Home is a 3D building program where you can re-create your home in a digital environment, or any other building you'd like to have safely recorded on your computer.

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My Virtual Home is simple and easy to use particularly if you've ever played the kind of lair-building video games that inspired it.

I believe that God created all humans with the same purpose and that we are all “brothers in Adam”, that we all equally share the image (eternal and inherent potential for perfection) of God (as opposed to our likeness to Him, which is our temporary and changing individual condition). However, I also think of this blog as my “virtual home” and of commentators as guests in my home.