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Also mine is close but Its not worth the $$$ anymore … Y don’t u try n pay that and survive and still pay for the kids when they on your time… Chelsea/Cole will have stable jobs, house , cars ADAM: Chelseas contract will up too 300k plus for new seasons… I’ll pry get a call or long txt from the maker of the show saying I’m not spose to release any of this information… COMMENTER: If you’re getting even close to 300k, then paying 900 in child support shouldn’t be a big deal ADAM: I’m not [commenter’s name] and thats per child .. But what you are paying isn’t much 😂 ADAM: k 900 isn’t much per child… Randy later got into a Q&A session with folks on Twitter about the whole thing: TWEETER: the fact he’s worried he doesn’t have access to said account is scary in itself, we all know HE won’t be paying for college RANDY: Ask him how much he has contributed to her college account @NOSHANENOPAIN: it’s called child support. MTV has been on the forefront of groundbreaking reality programming for over two decades and leading the pack of their quality documentary slate is the venerable True Life.Debuting in 1998 and now surpassing 140 episodes, this series has tackled such poignant topics as the lives of people dealing with addictions, various careers, unique hobbies and interests, relationships and lifestyle choices.Auditions and casting calls for a host of shows focusing on various topics that effect all of society will be held very soon and applications for submission for the top rated series are being accepted now.This is your chance to show you in your True Life to millions of viewers around the globe. I will not be filming anymore and neither will my children… And they are also wanting to do another show for just the fathers… But instead I’m going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness ! And now she feels the need for 945$$ for child support … And on top of that I still gotta pay for everything when I have the kids on my own .. ADAM: Did I ever once say anywhere ever that I wouldn’t pay or support my kids ? So stop trying to act like I don’t ✌✌ COMMENTER: I’m not saying you don’t. Wanting more and more from someone you keep trying to remove from aubrees life. They determine cs based on income and they’ve determined Adam can pay that much. She doesn’t just say “I want a million dollars” and they say fine!!

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For example, the episode "I'm a Reality TV Star" featured people from , while the episode "I'm a Muay Thai Fighter" and "I'm a Mixed Martial Artist" both featured Kit Cope, who has recently signed a deal with the WFA. Lazar, who was in the episode "I'm in A Love Triangle," was in a 2007 episode of True Life is a documentary-like show which follows the lives of people with that episodes' subject and get into the world of that subject, one of the earlier episodes was about the porn industry, which was interesting because they said that they get everyday women who do it for extra cash and one of the girls in the video got HIV from it.

@NOSHANENOPAIN: lol well he said he’s done with mtv after NYC so without that income I guess you can’t bitch anymore.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! In 2005–06 MTV Canada produced a series of Canadian-made has covered over 140 topics from drug use, money issues, sexual topics to simple social behavior like visiting the Jersey Shore.

Everything started with a relatively innocent photo of Paislee (Adam’s daughter with Taylor Halbur) playing with his two dogs. In summary, Adam claims that Chelsea is trying to raise the amount of child support he pays for Aubree to 5 a month and Taylor is also trying to raise her child support payments from him, which are currently 1 a month. “I’m sick of being known as the guy from ,” he later adds.

He says Chelsea Houska made 0,000 for this current season and will make closer to 0,000 next season. “But instead I’m going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness!

The Ashley also says the original dads get close to what the moms do which means that Adam does “make about what Chelsea is making.” And yes, the children do get paid, so ,000 for Aubree is probably accurate as well. Randy’s responses, and any relevant comments in between. Randy’s reactions to all of what Adam said: Someone paying lowest allowable child support for 6 years and making “big bucks” complaining about having to man up and pay? RANDY: Child support isn’t set by Chelsea, it is set by income.