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01-Dec-2016 17:50

She’s bringing a mystery man, which is code for “loser musician boyfriend,” but at the airport, she finds out that he’s married and jettisons him in the terminal.

Also headed to the wedding is the film’s leading man and Molly’s brother’s best friend.

The character spouts lines about waiting her whole life for a guy to give her his grandmother’s wedding ring.It’s not enough, however, to elevate her character or the film from rom-com pablum.Molly Mahoney (Aubrey Dollar) is flying home to Chicago for her mom’s wedding.Travanti) has terminal cancer, and he tells his son that his only regret is never meeting the woman Josh will marry.

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Ever the quick thinker, Josh asks, “But Dad, what if you already have?

The first 15 minutes of the romantic comedy One Small Hitch are almost unbearable to watch because the cliché count is off the charts.

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