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15-Jul-2017 01:46

More recently Eastwood has turned into the melancholy hero.

It started with Unforgiven, in which his character learns the hard way that past killing cannot be redeemed.

In addition to Kimber, Eastwood has two children from his 25-year marriage to his first wife, Maggie: Kyle, 28, a jazz musician who played with the band in The Bridges of Madison County; and Alison, 24, a model who portrayed Eastwood's daughter in Tightrope.

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The actor opted instead to play the morally vague jewel thief, drawn to the character in part because of a strong parallel between Luther's relationship with his estranged daughter and Eastwood's with his oldest child, Kimber, 32.

A skin graft for a basal cell carcinoma has left a small, reddish-pink scar just under his left eye on that Mount Rushmore face, and he feels uncomfortable being photographed until it heals.