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02-Dec-2017 00:48

We'd hook sunfish and perch, maybe talk Phillies, maybe Phish, maybe philosophy. Also of interest: How to talk to your children after a tragedy strikes.

But when he'd catch a frisky fish, my strapping 23-year-old son would carefully dangle it over to me: Will you take this off the hook for me? If I'd asked my own dad to unhook a fish when I was Sam's age — or even half Sam's age — he would have been dead silent, a clear message to deal with it myself.

That contact reflects several societal trends, notes the article's writer, Karen Fingerman.

The most obvious is increased use of cellphones and computers.

Like thousands of students last fall, Liam Mc Carney of West Chester, Pa., went off to college.

And like thousands of parents, Ann Pinto Mc Carney and her husband didn't hear from their son for almost a month — except for an occasional one-word text.

Both of my sons live at home, and I enjoy having this time with them.

Still, for some parents, their personal pain is worth the payoff for their children.

But these days our kids tend to keep one foot planted in childhood even as they go bounding into their mid-20s with the other.

Like many boomers, I'm much closer to Sam and his brother, Nick, 19, than I was to my own parents.

The Generations Study According to the new AARP The Magazine Generations Study, we boomers talk more frequently with our young-adult children, plus spend more face time and share more intimate confidences with them, than we did with our parents.

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We also help our kids more, doling out about twice as much advice and practical help as parents did in the mid-1980s.So Ann made a hilarious video giving Liam instructions on how to use his cellphone, which she posted on Facebook.