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In 2000, Mary directed the internationally successful “American Psycho,” starring Christian Bale, which she and Guinevere Turner adapted from Brett Easton Ellis’ notorious bestseller.

For her work on this film, she was nominated for Director of the Year by the London Film Critics Circle.

& Founder/Admin, inkcanada Karen Walton is a screen and television writer/creative executive producer whose body of work champions society’s underdogs and outliers.

Best known as the writer of cult horror classic “Ginger Snaps,” her decades of television credits include celebrated episodes of “Orphan Black,” “Queer As Folk,” and the true-life rape culture saga, “The Many Trials of One Jane Doe.”In 2007, Karen founded the public online community known as inkcanada — Canadian Screenwriters & Their Sketchy Friends; a Facebook Group dedicated to fostering free access and open exchanges between Canada’s professional storytellers, and those who aspire to telling their own stories — no matter who they are or where they live.

She earned an Oscar nod in 1999 for “Hilary and Jackie.”Other actresses with feature directorial debuts on the way include Kirsten Dunst and Carrie Brownstein.

The former is helming an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” and the latter “Fairy Godmother,” a comedic revisionist take on the ubiquitous fairy tale character.

Now in its 10th year of amazing conversations, inkcanada features the distinct voices of over 5,000 members in Canada, and around the world.

Karen’s dedication to fair representations of gender, gender equity, racial, and cultural diversity in entertainment continues, onscreen and off.

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She was “always warned she could never be a world class jockey; not tough enough — not a man.Based on the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to take home the esteemed Melbourne Cup, the drama is described by Griffiths as “‘Beauty And The Beast’ meets ‘Hacksaw Ridge.’”Griffiths has been eager to step behind the camera for a long time, and discussed the prospect of directing with “Brothers & Sisters’” producers, but “just as I was getting there, I got pregnant for the third time and felt I wouldn’t be serving the show,” she recalled.She was inspired to make the leap after witnessing Payne make herstory in 2015. Everyone remembers where they were during that race,” she explained.But she fought for every opportunity to ride hard and race fast.

Her father, Paddy (Sam Neill), and her family championed her ambition, despite early failures, broken bones, and a tragic family death on the racecourse,” Deadline writes.“I’m having a moment where these stories are finding a place to land,” Griffiths said.And Williamson will receive the Digital Trailblazer Award for founding Digital Wizards Inc., where she also works as an executive producer.“The Crystal Awards is the hallmark of Wift-t’s legacy,” said Heather Webb, the organization’s Executive Director.