Long distance dating and reunions

05-Nov-2016 15:37

If not, you could hold the reunion near one family and rotate locations to be near a different family each year.Both options allow for a home base and cut travel costs—at least for one family a year.If you are currently in a long distance relationship and about to reunite, don’t let the many possible changes scare you.Remember, many of the things we hope to happen in our relationships as a result of reunion do happen, but also keep in mind the possible changes.

Every reunion is amazing Reuniting with your boyfriend always involves train station platforms, slow motion running and Hollywood style kisses.

So, does distance make the heart grow fonder or should you hang out for a real-time relationship? Whats App/Skype But in the meantime, get familiar with technology, as Whats App and Skype are your new best friends. gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘pillow talk’.

Here are 13 things you only know if you’ve had a long distance relationship… The build up You don’t know the meaning of the word anticipation until you’ve had a LDR – countdowns are exciting …

Here are some destination ideas to get you thinking: “Where? This is relevant only for multiple-day adventures, and it depends on where you hold the reunion.

Here are some possibilities: Family member’s house In the right conditions (the reunion is near one family’s home, the family has space, the group is small enough to fit in the home, and you don’t think everyone will strangle each other), you can have everyone stay at someone’s house.Let each family cover a meal, and then let them do what works best for them—whether that means making a homemade four-course meal or ordering pizza.