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15-Apr-2017 00:17

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The ‘great period’ of growth lasts for approximately 20 years after the erection of the gravestone.

The lichen factor (growth after 100 years) is correlated with the growth after 25 and 250 years indicating that it is a representative index of the growth rates. Calculated lichen factors for acidic igneous substrates range from 33 to 104 mm.

Gravity, Magnetic and Structural Patterns at the Deep-Crustal Plate Boundary Zone between West Gondwana and East Gondwana in Sri-Lanka, Precambrian Res., 66, 7791.

Development of volcanic passive margins: three-dimensional laboratory models, Tectonics, 21,doi:10.1029/2001TC901019.

The popular technique of estimating ages of deposits from sizes of lichens continues despite valid criticism, and without agreement on range of utility, treatment of error, and methods of measurement, sampling, and data handling.

A major source of error is the assumption that the largest lichen(s) colonized soon after deposition and will survive indefinitely.

Three-dimensional dynamical model of continental rift propagation and margin plateau formation, J.

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Geological framework of the Kerguelen Plateau and adjacent ocean basins, Geoscience Australia Record 2002/05. Microcontinent formation around Australia, in Evolution and Dynamics of the Australian Plate, pp.

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