Knights code of chivalry dating back to the dark ages

01-Oct-2017 10:56

knights code of chivalry dating back to the dark ages-18

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Literary works also contributed to ideas about "knightly" behavior.

They portrayed knights as both courageous warriors and refined men.

They brought the French traditions of knighthood along with them. Later crusades were to protect Anatolia, part of the Byzantine Empire, from Muslim invasion. In the 400s and 500s, after the Roman Legions left Britain, the island was beset with many marauding invaders. King Arthur is generally believed to have been a knight or a king who still carried on the Roman military traditions. Joan of Arc put on armor to save France in the 1400s, but she was never officially made a knight.

The Squire’s Tale by Gerald Morris Fourteen-year-old Terence was not looking to become squire to Gawain of Orkney, but when he joins the young knight on a quest, he learns important things about himself.Chivalry included the values of honor, valor, courtesy, and purity, as well as loyalty to a lord, a cause, or a noblewoman.Its basis was a blend of military, social, and Christian ethics*.She was especially fond of stories of King Arthur and tried to model her court after his legendary one. The Romans brought a centralized government to much of the island, as they had done with all of their territories.

After the Romans left in 410 to deal with their own problems (the Roman Empire officially fell around 476), their legacy faded.Click here for a listing of other fairs throughout the United States.