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10-Apr-2017 11:16

His father, Vincent Taylor, told the LA Times on Tuesday that his son believed there was a race was going on in America that he was in the midst of, and 'a battle was about to take place'. 'I would hope that whatever Kori tells [police,] they take him seriously and they start following up.'Police say Muhammad first approached a PG&E truck on the 300 block of North Van Ness street and shot the passenger inside repeatedly.The driver of the truck took the injured rider directly to the police station at M Street and Mariposa mall - but the passenger, a 34-year-old father of two preschoolers, was later pronounced dead.The driver of the van rushes the victim to the police station, but he is later pronounced dead.

'Well, we're staying here and I thought I'd come see who's working.

When police arrested him, Muhammad reportedly said: 'I did it.

I shot them.' Muhammad approaches a PG&E van and fires three rounds at the passenger, a 34-year-old father of two preschoolers.

Muhammad was identified as a suspect in the murder of security guard Carl Williams at the Motel 6 in Fresno last Thursday after surveillance footage captured the killing on tape.

Williams, 25, was unarmed and was killed after allegedly getting into an altercation with Muhammad.Muhammad, who was born Cory Taylor, is a self-proclaimed rapper who goes by the nickname of 'Black Jesus'.

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