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Just days later she was taken to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane for surgery.'They were unable to remove the whole mass, and found out that she is terminal,' Innez said.Happy seventh day of Hanukkah to all the single ladies out there!I know we took some time off for Thanksgiving, but you didn't think I'd let the whole holiday go by without your gift, did you? Here goes: Two adorable men of the Nice Jewish Guys 2014 Calendar agreed to answer a few questions about best dates, turn-offs, how to impress their mothers, and more.Something that is thoughtful and meaningful is all I need to remind me of the bigger present, which is having that person in your life.A girlfriend once gave me a small box full of meaningful trinkets that included pictures on the inner lid from a recent trip we had taken.Tania got her makeup and hair done right next to Paige's hospital bed and became emotional as she put on her daughter's special gold flower girl shoes.A nurse dressed up as Superman wheeled Paige down the aisle as she fulfilled her flower girl duties with two-year-old sister Imogen.

'She would scream in pain while she was playing,' Innez told Daily Mail Australia.You'll also get someone who knows how to cook with turkey bacon!"What he wants in a partner: "A sense of humor, a good head on her shoulders, and a deep love of spicy food."How to impress his mom: "My mom would approve of a girl who clearly gets me for me and someone who makes me strive to be better.Any JDaters out there ready to snap up either (or both) of these guys immediately?

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He's Jewish but won't date Jewish women because, he says, they're "all identical." Watch as Alan shares his dating philosophy with Oprah and upsets a few members of the audience in the process.

'That was the day that changed our lives,' Innez said.