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The gunman was so shocked by this he turned around and left the bar.I worked at The Ninth Circle as a coctail waiter for a few years in the late 70’s/early 80’s.I was extremely young just making the 18 year old drinking age before it changed to 21 and being grandfathered in when the drinking age did go up I was able to still drink at the Circle and eventually work there despite being 21.But after working there for awhile let me tell you I was far from naive.This is where most of the “twinks” hung out along with the bartender Fred Tree who told the worst jokes in the entire world, celebrated Russian Christmas, had a taste for straight trade and spent more time in the back (closed off) kitchen with a customer than he did behind the bar.It was really was the best of times to be young and gay.

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() Or dancing the night away at Crisco’s Disco, or The Anvil and leaving their drenched in sweat on a Sunday morning at sunrise.

Today ou’ll be hard pressed today to find out much about the Ninth Circle.

Very little can be found via internet and the picture above seems to be one of the last surviving images taken around the time of its popularity.

Weekends would be literally packed people wall to wall. The Circle was so busy that one night in the late 70’s a man walked in the front door and made his way up to the crowded bar pointed a gun at the bartender and demanded money.

And customers wanting to get in would be held at the door until some patrons left. The bartender who was so busy pouring 4-5 drinks at a time glanced at the robber and without missing a beat told the gunman that he had to wait his turn.

On the other side of the jukebox against the wall were chairs and tables and a small square area with more chairs and tables and a pinball machine.

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