Iwab0383e error validating parameters

20-Oct-2016 19:07

XSD: The location '' has not been resolved because the import is unused XSD: The location '' has not been resolved because the import is unused IWAB0381I file:/C:/Users/Angelo/IBM/rationalsdp/RBD_Test_01/i EGL/EGLSource/wsdl/Order was successfully opened.

and then after the parameter's input and the click on go i receive : IWAB0383E Error validating parameters where im' wrong ?

To cover the range rule I decided to implement it so it would present a user with a red label that tells one about this mishap.

One note: raising modal boxes with an exclamation mark kind of messages in SSRS reports is seldom a good idea because you even may not know where the report is going executing and thus it’s functionality not guaranteed to work.

So to prevent the report from fetching any data the best you can do is to add a WHERE clause that works against that.

In my example the WHERE condition ended up being To make this parameter transparent to the end user and yet fed from his or her input you mark it hidden.

I'm maintaining a legacy Web Forms application and one of the pages just serves GET requests and works with many query string parameters.

Plus, to drive its visibility, I created a report variable Last_Valid_Report_End_Date (let’s ignore its expression for a moment): This variable would hold the last correct report end date, so anything entered greater than that value will be deemed as invalid.However, even though I already seen a significant number of blog posts covering this topic, and after consulting for so many years, from my personal experience, I still have not seen so far even a single report I touched where the validation would be done 100% properly and efficiently.This negative experience has made me highly motivated to write a post with a comprehensive example of how a BI developer should approach and implement the input data validation.I do not want to go to great extends here describing what the negative consequences are in failing to invalidate bad input, so let’s just not forget to provision data validation each time we design any report.

And I would like to encourage you right away that the input validation is not terribly difficult or even time consuming endeavor at all, especially for those who are armed with the proper VB scripting knowledge.

The report takes in two parameters – the report start date and its end date.