Is james chien dating anyone

16-Nov-2016 07:23

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Indeed, this week, in an interview to publicise his autobiography, he talked with brutal frankness about her mental and physical health, saying she had ‘lost her spark’ and was suffering from depression.

Describing Linda as agoraphobic, he added that she now needs a stair-lift to get upstairs, has the lung condition emphysema — presumably caused by her lifelong addiction to cigarettes — and has twice had cancer.

She explained that, although the adulation of his fans made her uncomfortable, she loved her husband with a consuming passion She has never been seen at his concerts, and didn’t even join him at Buckingham Palace when he collected his knighthood in 2006.

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‘How do you walk away from somebody that you get along so well with? ’He had another long affair with Marjorie Wallace, a former Miss World, in 1976.There was, though, some food in the oven which Tom attempted to explain away.