Intraracial dating

11-Oct-2016 20:47

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"People tend to be murdered by those who know them," Fox said.And even in murders where the victim and offender don’t know each other, there still is a race correlation.A new study of university undergraduates in California found students engaged in interracial dating gave their partners higher ratings for attractiveness and intelligence than did their peers who were seeing someone of their own race.A research team led by psychologist Karen Wu of the University of California-Irvine, reports these positive evaluations were persuasively communicated to their partners, and—at least on a level of physical attractiveness—were not illusory."We hypothesized that because interracial daters face social biases, their partners would have to possess higher levels of (certain) positive attributes to offset the costs of these biases," the researchers write in the Their results indicate that may indeed be the case.Wu and her colleagues describe three studies, the first of which featured 245 students at a West Coast public university.The data only reflects murders that involved a single victim and offender and when the race of the offender was known and reported by police to the FBI.Due to those shortcomings, Northeastern University Criminology Professor James Alan Fox modified the FBI data files to estimate the characteristics of unsolved homicides and unreported cases.

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"Our results contradict historical stereotypes of individuals who date interracially as undesirable or inferior," the researchers conclude.They add that grade point averages, "which could be regarded as a more objective measure of cerebral attributes," did not differ significantly between the two groups.For the final study, independent raters assessed the attractiveness of the individual members of 101 couples.The man and women "completed questionnaires in separate rooms," rating themselves and their partners on various positive attributes.

"We found that interracial daters rated their partners more positively on cerebral and attractiveness attributes," Wu and her colleagues write."This increase does not necessarily reflect growing levels of racial hostility; it could also reflect increased contact between black and white Americans in everyday activities, including work, school, and romantic relationships," he said. 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.… continue reading »

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