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20-Nov-2017 14:11

Facing a doctor with such a personality can leave the rest of the medical staff feeling intimidated, angry, frustrated, or a variety of other negative emotions that in no way help them take care of their patients.

There are a number of reasons why most doctors are perceived as, to put it bluntly, jerks. Val Jones titled “In defense of doctors: why we act like jerks, and how to handle us when we do,” gives some firsthand insight into doctors’ personalities.

A person with a pretty thick skin and a high tolerance for sadism and/or masochism…also known as a jerk.” This article isn’t trying to say that it’s okay for doctors to be condescending jerks, but merely offers insight as to why they may come off as such at times.

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“Of course, sleep-deprived people are more likely to be irritable, short-tempered, impulsive, grandiose, and hostile—a.k.a. Jones’ final reason why doctors can be condescending is that they were probably jerks to begin with, rationalizing that getting into medical school is very competitive and that students are ranked according to test scores, not on how nice they are.EDIT: All suggestions updated as of 02/15/11, post 13I've just filed through the search function and determined that nobody has updated Diminishing Returns in quite awhile on any of the usual resources. Both are only up to date for 3.3, which makes them grossly wrong in many area's.