Intimate dating in china

25-Jan-2017 01:20

So that was something I really had no idea about — how much homosexuality permeated the culture.

It wasn’t that they were homosexuals it was something that they did for their own entertainment and amusement.RB: I think that the material on both prostitution and homosexuality totally blew me away.In the Tang Dynasty, more than a thousand years ago, for example, prostitutes were registered with the state and they were licensed so they could pay taxes.For some husbands, the absence of blood on the sheets can be grounds for divorce.

Burger, a former writer for both the Baltimore Sun and the Global Times was one of the first people to start blogging about China in 2002.

BI: Is a comparison to the 1960s sexual revolution in Western Europe and America appropriate?

One of the things which makes it fun to date foreign guys is the fact that they are so different from the men at home.… continue reading »

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