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27-Sep-2017 00:24

Remember Buffy the vampire slayer (Yes, I realize the girl playing her was Jewish) but she had a devoted teen following and was marketed as a strong female that all should idolize. But then came the inevitable race mixing with episodes of her dating her former black principal.

The idea is to get them hooked and then have their idol in question race mix or become lesbian as a way of encouraging same among teens.

Records also show Holthoff joined National Vanguard in May 2005 as member #V0547, and he is listed as a “lifetime” member of White Revolution.

In a 2007 Stormfront post, Holthoff outlined his pedigree in the racist movement.

I always get a kick out of how white administrators beg and plead for people to behave during the ceremonies. Records show he joined the neo-Nazi National Alliance in May 1980 at the age of 19, where he was given membership number A3148.On his Facebook page, he links to various hate groups, including American Renaissance, The Occidental Quarterly and Alternative Right, along with the Star City High School Art Department.It is on Stormfront, in more than 400 posts over the past ten years, where Holthoff has made clear his opinion of the African-American students he is entrusted to educate.In a 2009 post in the Stormfront Youth section, in a thread titled “Aren’t Teachers Supposed to Teach truth?

” Holthoff wrote: “I teach social studies in a public high school and I am racially conscious!” Holthoff complained again last year about interracial relationships at his high school.

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