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01-Nov-2016 02:33

They stop at village squares to say the occasional hello, before slipping into cramped two-room homes and closing the door behind them.

Behind these closed doors are their “priority patients” - mostly women who have been trafficked for sex and are now battling stigma to stay on course with their HIV/AIDS treatment.

OTTAWA — As it tries to stave off a legislative crisis, the Trudeau government is caving in to Senate demands that an Indian Act update do more to eliminate sex-based discrimination in status registration.

A motion from the Liberals’ representative in the Senate Wednesday afternoon attempts to prevent deadlock between the two houses of parliament before a court-imposed deadline this December.

Based on census data that capture individuals who report Indigenous ethnic backgrounds, those numbers jump to between 736,000 and 1.2 million people. Lillian Dyck sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging him to treat First Nations women with as much respect as afforded Omar Khadr, who received a government settlement of .5 million.

I think the government and the officials and the bureaucrats have found an acceptable solution which avoids a standoff between the Senate and the House of Commons,” Dyck said, urging senators to vote in favour by the end of the week.

Liberals are willing to eliminate a cut-off in the Indian Act that extended eligibility to descendants of women removed from the register after marrying non-Indians, but only for those born since the Indian Act took effect in 1951.

The new amendment would also give full Indian status to women who lost status because of sex-based inequities and to their descendants born prior to 1985. Quoting 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dyck said she woke up this morning thinking, ” ‘something’s going to happen.

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Based on existing Indian register data for the 2016 population, about 50,160 people would become newly eligible on the strictest interpretation of what the government is proposing, while 86,900 people would become newly eligible under an “all the way” amendment.The government is proposing changes that it says would eliminate all sex-based discrimination and go into effect after consultations early next year.

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