Hetalia romano dating sim

10-Feb-2017 10:51

As of now though, I will be uploading here as per normal. Might also decide if I want to crosspost any recents over.As of my current Hetalia fics and future plans, they will be all on infinite hiatus.

Recently though I'm feeling that traffic isn't as much as it used to be, and ao3 might actually be a better choice for me to post my new stuff due to changing traffic patterns.

Many of my ships are all crack (AN: Ita Kon) which is why my heart dies sometimes because the amount of fics/pics of said ship is almost non-existent. -Title unknown-- Hetalia Romance/fantasy fic All was not what it seemed. I have always wanted to write for this pairing ever since September last year and I finally have a vague idea of what to do. Ramble Entries:21 February 2016 Happy New Year guys!

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