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11-Oct-2017 03:57

Later, while hanging out in public with Ru Paul, people who saw him alone every day at places like the grocery store assumed that they were dating, finally explaining his perpetual singleness.

When Rollins’ fans e-mailed him about it, he further perpetuated the rumor with hilarious responses just to mess with them.

This led him to lighter topics, like how he met famous drag queen Ru Paul back in 1995 and they have remained friends ever since.

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And so if you are depressed about this election, as some of you might be, and you might be even more depressed after you get the result, don’t dismay because you are still here and your friends are still here and decency is still really the law of this land and, as far as all my travel has informed me, humans still steer towards dignity and respect, and it is our job to keep that going. It’s been the same thing it’s been since the Europeans first arrived here; it’s always been the individual, so it’s always been you.” Knowing that audience ass cheeks were becoming numb at this point, the 55-year-old hardcore orator closed by revealing how his able to never pause to take a drink of water during his almost three-hour sets – he has a phobia that audiences will leave as soon as he turns away. ” With that, Rollins bowed and promptly left the stage after a standing ovation, leaving the extensive corridor of the lobby filled long after he exited with fans of all ages, many dressed in their punk rock finest, ruminating and discussing the many subjects he covered before dispersing into the chilly night.Meeting David Bowie at a festival, he was flabbergasted to find that “the Bow” was not only a fan, but had read many of his recent interviews and wanted to discuss them over lunch.His stories about Lemmy Kilmister received the most applause (just at the mention of his name) and only added to the Motörhead frontman’s legend.That is how, many years later, he ended up serving as a guest judge on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” which he took very seriously, as he does all things.

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This made contestants work even harder to get his attention by dancing around sexily and, while Rollins identifies as heterosexual, he humorously admitted that this opened up “new rooms” in his mind that he didn’t know he had as he fought back an erection.” But that’s not the only love-related advice he’s proffering.