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How to transport all the vaporized seawater to Greenland without interfering with the CO2 bubble? Which mechanism kept it in place for over hundreds of thousands of years? In other words: It isn’t a logical starting point in any case. At which point are they trading places, or was it a slow sliding scale?

The ice sheet around the Greenland Summit, that’s about in the middle of the sheet, is about 3,000 meters thick. If that would be the main driver, why are there no fat ice sheets on the Brooks Mountain Range, the Innuitian Mountains, the Mackenzie Mountains, the Ural Mountains, the Central Siberian Plateau, and the Verkhoyansk range?

The mountain peaks would start to accumulate an ice sheet after Greenland shifted 18° further up North to its current location, according to this new theory. This theory seems to be rather adhoc because it doesn’t cover the complete subject of ice sheet formation around the Arctic.

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How did this ice sheet become so thick, while the surrounding countries with mountain ranges, like Alaska, Canada and Russia, have no ice sheet? Moreover is the exact age of the ice sheet unclear. Where the name Greenland comes from, while it’s completely white, is unsure.

While the results of the computations suggest that climatic shifts associated with changes in ocean circulation and tectonic uplift did affect the amount of ice cover, and that the ice waxed and waned with changes in the Earth’s orbit, none of these changes were large enough to contribute significantly to the long-term growth of the Greenland ice sheet.

Their conclusion was that the huge ice cap could only grow when Greenland would be “roofed” with a giant bubble of low COlevels covering the whole island.

What happened to Greenland that it’s now covered with an insane thick icecap?

Greenland’s ice sheet has puzzled scientists for many decades, which have led to the most wild, even unscientific theories.

These high mountains were formed by tectonic forces pointed towards the location of Greenland.

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