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If the specific attribute is no known, you can enter "unknown," where allowed.You must enter all of the attributes for the engine to function correctly and give an accurate estimate."Imagine if you could have a personal trainer who knew you and cared about you who could show up for 30 seconds 10 times a day," said then CEO Sutha Kamal last year.This is wearable computers, the quantified self, and massive data services as tiny homunculus, sitting on your face and whispering advice in your ear. "This kind of thing both terrifies and fascinates me," says Mc Carthy.As reported, during a Q&A following the Glass preview event one audience member said: "I don't want to post more social network crap." Jordan smiled and said "We want to choose services that improve your life." Lauren Mc Carthy's date — mediated by the Mechanical Turk — is the story of a woman who prototyped what one of those services could be. "A lot of this work comes out of feeling like it's sometimes difficult to connect with people in a really honest and open way because we are so caught up with social routines and expectations," Mc Carthy says."I think, I don't know how to talk to people but I know how to code, can I hack my way out of this situation?

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For each date, she streamed audio and video of the proceedings to Ustream, and paid workers from Amazon's Mechanical Turk (a market for crowdsourcing tasks) to watch, comment, and send her instructions. It's a strange art project about technology and relationships.

Mc Carthy wants to see what happens when we turn a device like Glass into a social prosthetic. "I'm really interested in ways that these kinds of augmentations can do more than just supply you with information, putting you in a kind of autopilot where you barely need to think," she says. If you're the kind of person who meets a lot of people, it's a useful thing to get right.

"Could they instead augment your experience in ways that change you as a person, at the level of core values and experience? The obvious solution — the one that every augmented reality demo uses — is to throw up a person's name when the system recognizes them, next time you see them. "A more interesting implementation would remind me at the moment when I was meeting someone, to pay attention and remember, to ask again if I'd already forgotten their name.

Using video or audio streaming you can talk to people anywhere.

Using the camera you can store things as they happen, and using notifications you can remind yourself of things you need to recall.

With integration into GPS navigation, livestreaming chat, and third party services like Evernote, the information that you need when you need it should be available at a glance.

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