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“These images are, by definition, child pornography.

We’re still dealing with something that is an illegal product,” she says.

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The federal cyberbullying act (Bill C-13) is a response, in part, to the Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd tragedies.“The Criminal Code, at the moment, in no way reflects what’s happening in our digital age, where kids so readily participate in this activity.” Many teens, and their parents, aren’t aware that sexting, even when the images aren’t shared beyond the sender and receiver, can be considered child porn under Canadian law.And it’s in this confusing legal landscape that law enforcement and educators are finding new, sometimes conflicting, ways to teach teens about safe sexting.Last year, her lawyer, Christopher Mackie, mounted a constitutional challenge of the conviction. He also argued the conviction was unfair, since adults could legally forward sexts—photos or videos—of other adults.

“It is unconstitutional to charge teenagers as child pornographers when what they’ve done has nothing to do with pedophilia or child exploitation,” he told the B. In early January, the court declined to hear Mackie’s challenge, and the teenager has yet to decide whether to continue the fight or accept her conviction.

However, legislators have recently proposed a bill that would allow courts to send first time offenders to mandatory educational classes if the court deems a lack of intent to commit a crime.