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Many camerae obscurae use a lens rather than a pinhole (as in a pinhole camera) because it allows a larger aperture, giving a usable brightness while maintaining focus.As the pinhole is made smaller, the image gets sharper, but the projected image becomes dimmer.The image can be projected onto paper, and can then be traced to produce a highly accurate representation.In order to produce a reasonably clear projected image, the aperture has to be about 1/100th the distance to the screen, or less.“Why is it that an eclipse of the sun, if one looks at it through a sieve or through leaves, such as a plane-tree or other broadleaved tree, or if one joins the fingers of one hand over the fingers of the other, the rays are crescent-shaped where they reach the earth?

no remarks of anything that resembles camera obscura can be found.Another more portable type is a box with an angled mirror projecting onto tracing paper placed on the glass top, the image being upright (but still reversed) as viewed from the back.