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30-May-2017 03:53

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Anyway, so as you can see from the Whatsapp texts below [my texts in white], I was able to get this stranger whom I’d picked up days ago, to agree to come to my apartment and to actually follow through: by text.

Read this article of mines: Familiarity kills attraction.

Hook Theory Dos and donts of text game Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want.

I repeat: the girl has to be responsive and engaging or else you have no shot in hell in getting her to commit to going by you.

You just need to appear cool enough, sane enough, fun enough, funny enough, high value enough and non-needy.

This can all be achieved within 15 text messages or less…over the course of 3 or so days as I routinely do.For instance, the chat log below is from a girl whom I’d picked up days ago [1 of about 2 dozen women].