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They illustrated their major points from simple images on a slide illustrating how to keep our brains healthy.The steps are: “Look after your heart, be physically active, follow a healthy diet, challenge your brain, and enjoy social activity.” Dr.Aquí tenéis a mi Petardilla posando con su disfraz de león.Como siempre ha costado bastante convencerla y luego no se ha dejado fotografiar casi, pero aquí está.The greatest risk factor for dementia, he explained, is age.Next are genes and gender, but bad health, lack of exercise, and obesity are also risk factors. Devere, who began by saying, “It’s lonely to be in the memory loss practice, for nobody shows up.” After the laughter settled, he told the audience at the Atria senior living community that the science of dementia is new.

He gave a concise answer: “I have Alzheimer’s patients who do crossword puzzles.Both times, by the way, he said CCV is “doing the right thing for seniors.” A geriatric specialist, he was joined by neurologist Ron Devere, president of Texas’ Alzheimer’s Association.Their subject was maintaining mental health as we age.One way or another, all the doctors have said, “You need to get your heart rate up.” Whew!

After the June 15 session on mental health, I added a pulse meter application to my i Phone and tested its efficacy on a fast walk along Bull Creek. I’m writing this blog bit to encourage CCVillagers to attend as many of these sessions as they can, and to applaud the Program Committee for creative planning.

El paso a paso del disfraz lo podéis consultar aquí.

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