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Surplus male breeders, and birds of breeding lines not needed for the next generation (referred to as ‘off-sexes’), are either culled upon hatching or grown out for meat.

Breeder flocks are kept in sheds on floors called litter floors (for example, covered with fresh, clean wood shavings or rice-hulls).

Australian meat chickens are raised in sheds not cages.

The major poultry producing companies own breeding farms, in some cases supplemented by contract operators.

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At any one time, there might be between 200,000 to 250,000 Grandparents of all ages on the ground across Australia.

This may include managing bird health, maintaining the correct composition and quantity of feed, and ensuring proper lighting, with the aims of ensuring that: Breeder flocks are vaccinated against a range of diseases (see Keeping Flocks Healthy).

This protects their own health and productivity and gives added protection to chicks through antibodies passed on in the yolk sac.

Most commercial meat chickens that are raised for human consumption worldwide, originated from ‘great grand parent’ eggs from a handful of companies based in the US and the UK that specialise in selective breeding meat chickens.

For them, the conducting of selective breeding programs and the developing breeding lines is highly specialised and resource intensive.

These Grandparent flocks produce the next generation of birds, called the Parent breeders.