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09-Jan-2017 20:31

Now I always enjoy telling a little loser that they are a dipshit, I mean what could be easier. So take a little humiliation pig and mix in a bit of financial domination. Not only do you need to hear what a little fucking worm you are.

Stating the obvious and being honest come naturally. Whether the humiliation is for a small penis or whether it is just because you are a loser in general. And I am happy to have you send moneyand gifts to reinforce how stupid you are.

Believe me, I know, I spent years licking and sucking her pussy. She had a small body like yours and black hair too,tho she was Irish. She came out to the shop fully dressed in a very nice midi dress.

I did have a sex addiction to licking and sucking her pussy. (google it…some nice photo’s woman sitting in chair and the man/slaves face strapped under her ass) (tho I disagree with the authors concept of facesitting….should have a hard cock all the time he pleasures his mistress) My wife/mistress were married so this was financial domination………but close to it. She just straddled my head when I came out from under the car and told me she needed a good licking before she went shopping.

It’s time to confess your sinful erotic thoughts on us and indulge in your sinful pleasures.

Dear Therapist Judy, Ok this is what I am looking for in my phone call with you.

Dear Angel, You are just so beautiful and I could never find anyone like you that would want a loser like me to be with me.

I am just such a Loser because I am Ugly and have such a small dick.

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Yes I will get turned on with you talking baby talk to me and treat me like a true “Adult Baby”. , I am so glad you looked me up and I can feel you must have read my profile seeing that I deal with Mommy fantasies and Adult Babies. In fact I love the ones that just need a Mommy figure to comfort them and love them and nurture them to feel like a baby again.

She would give me little squirts of her pee…then have me lick some more….pee a squirt…and have me lick her again until she climaxed again in my mouth. Me and her do not get along well which leads to these incest fantasies. If you hear more about my background and the favoritism she gave my sisters over me, this actually may excite you, lol. Thank you, , I have had a lot of email and requests regarding this subject ever since I posted my blog about hypnosis through you to hypnotize your mother.

, Sorry for the delay response, I have been busy and haven’t been online that often but I did find your story very interesting and would love to explore and even roleplay out your story with you to help relive for you. Check in from time to time to see if I am available which you can check my status on the Therapist page above or call in to see if I am available and set up your call with the dispatcher. I love the taste of blood on my tongue, and licking it off my nails. I had this sissy who was afraid at first then he allowed me to scratch his back to draw blood. I am sure I can also make your fantasy a reality for you.

You would have to earn the right to cum for Me and be made to do assignments that I command you.

So if you think you can handle Me and My commands then stop wasting time whining about your pathetic issues and call Me I understand how bad you need it.

I just wish I could find someone like you to keep me company at night.