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23-Oct-2017 17:06

Almost the same but not nudes or “for alter only” tweets. ROSS: I post almost the same content on my main account.

The only thing that differs is I don’t retweet porn on my main. DOLORES: I curate my posts in this account to be just nudes and some tweets about sex — kinks, etc., like a more open-book version of my legit account.

These issues hinder us from being educated about sex and sexuality.

When we aren’t informed, and when the patriarchy normalizes male entitlement, these things happen.

What measures do you think must be taken to maintain the security of your safe space?

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It’s a community where you can freely express yourself and people will support you. I’ve made friends here and I’m very happy to have met new people. MARJ: Some are still afraid of what others would think because our society is still not tolerant about this kind of things.

This is a list of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films.

It contains theatrically released cinema films that deal with or feature important gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgender characters or issues and may have same-sex romance or relationships as an important plot device. There is also a list of these films alphabetically.

How different are your alter accounts in terms of content?

ALEX: My main account was connected with my Instagram, so I have IG posts or sometimes rants in it.

Some are still narrow-minded and quite conservative. Patriarchal standards will shame and demonize women for being sexual.