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04-Sep-2017 04:55

Everyone means that anyone within range can send you a share request. Unfortunately, most people have their devices unknowingly set to Everyone.

To access these settings on your i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad, swipe up from the bottom of your locked screen to open up your phone's Control Center.

Specifically it says it wanted to find out what would happen …when you cannot communicate between users in this social-media world that we’re living in today?

Are users still going to be incentivised if they have no way of patting each other on the back with likes?

It's much quicker and easier than typing everyone's number or email address into a new message.

You can’t like photos, favourite them, comment on them or share them to other social networks directly from the app.

Are you going to be engaged if you can’t follow specific users?

And what happens when you are producing something but have no control over who will see it?

In the past, these sex pests had to run around in trench coats in order to flash random people.

But now they can use technology to digitally expose themselves.A preview of the image popped up on my screen and gave me the option to decline or accept the photo.