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In the last two blog posts of our cultural tolerance series, we looked at why God designed sex to be part of marriage.We talked about the sacredness of sex, and the emotional, physical, and psychological damage we do to ourselves by engaging in sex outside of marriage.How 50 Couples Found Love After 50 Written by Ted Blake, this book offers instructional stories about forming a later-in-life romance.Blake, a syndicated dating and relationship columnist, profiles 50 couples and offers a "lessons learned" section after each tale.The pages are filled with gorgeous black and white photos of loving, happy couples of all races, backgrounds and lifestyles.It's great for singles who have stopped believing in romance after 50, and for couples who want to celebrate their own relationship — or improve it.Late-Life Love: Romance and New Relationships in Later Years Author Connie Goldman used to be on the staff of National Public Radio, and has a reporter's knack for creating short but poignant and meaningful profiles of people's relationships.

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As society was significantly decadent during the time of the Puritans, they understood all too well the draw of sexual temptation.If you are afraid of getting back in the "the game," this book can be a powerful motivator.