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12-Jan-2017 22:31

An eviction service company will deal with the entire process for you so you don’t have to worry about confrontations with the tenant, filing eviction paperwork, appearing in court, or even removing the tenant if they don’t appear to be leaving after a court ordered eviction date.This type of service starts at approximately 0 and goes up from there depending on how smoothly it goes or how difficult the tenant makes it. Fortunately I have information that can help you with all of these areas right on this site.At the end of the notice period, if they haven’t moved out or paid, you still have to go through the eviction process and you’ve just given the tenant two weeks of free rent.If you plan on using an eviction notice make sure you use the correct one.

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One provides you with the exact eviction notices that I use, when I give tenants eviction notices.

Finally your last option is to hire an eviction service company to deal with the problem.

This is the most expensive route, but it is also the easiest for a busy landlord.

I also have some packages available that include blank forms plus sample forms and walk throughs explaining how to fill them out and how to properly serve the tenant. Just make sure you read this whole article before purchasing in case one of the other options may work better for you.

Option two is either going to court, or the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service or RTDRS for short.

First is the traditional 14 day eviction notice given to the tenant informing them that they need to pay before the eviction date set in the notice or they should move out.

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