Freddy and sam dating episode

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She is very excited at the thought of her entire family watching her in the play, then is heartbroken when she discovers that she can only bring one parent, and she has much difficulty picking between Mike and Carol.

This is resolved by the whole family being allowed to sit through a dress rehearsal. Engstrom, Tracy Reed as Miss Sherry Marlowe, Brian Forster as the elf Alice discovers that the children are going to Carol with their problems instead of her.

Also, this is the first out of two episodes not to have an epilogue/closing joke (the other being season 4's "Greg Gets Grounded"). Thinking one of their parents wrote the letter the kids stay on their best behavior to ensure a harmonious domestic situation.

Elizabeth "Dear Libby" Carter (Jo De Winter) visits the Brady home explaining she received seven similar letters from the same address: they are from "Kitty Karry-All" (Cindy), "Feeling Awful" (Bobby), "Desperately Worried" (Marcia), "Down in the Mouth" (Peter), "Real Frantic" (Jan), "Guilt Complex" (Greg), and "Innocent Bystander" (Alice).

Mike marries Carol Martin (Florence Henderson), whose daughters from her previous marriage are Marcia (Maureen Mc Cormick), Jan (Eve Plumb) and Cindy (Susan Olsen).

When put into syndication, the episodes began airing in the order in which they were made.

On DVD releases the episodes are in the order in which they originally aired.

Mike and Carol admonish their children, yelling at them to go catch their pets.

The newlywed couple goes on a honeymoon later that day, while the children sit at home thinking that their parents hate them.

Thinking that the family no longer needs her, she invents a story about a "sick aunt in Seattle".

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