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26-Oct-2016 19:57

Being a lesbian, you would want to experience an emotionally secure, mutually supportive and a lovely relationship with your partner.This article will nourish your mind and life by walking you through the friendly developed, evidence based stages to grow together with your partner.One way we can get insight and comprehensive knowledge of the topic is through Erik Erikson’s development theory of identity crises or conflict.(June 2004 issue of Journal of Family Psychology) Lesbian relationship involves the same struggles for finances and blended families as opposite sex couples.This has long been known as the “Theory of Psychosexual Development” by Sigmund Freud, who is referred to as the Father of psychoanalysis, which was named after he developed Psychodynamic Theory.The lesbian relationship emerges and matures through the concept of fixation of women at the phallic stage. It happens when attraction occurs between human beings towards one another after the recognition of not having the sex organs of opposite gender.Life in urban areas where people have an unbiased mindset is better, and surviving as a lesbian couple is far easier (Patterson) 1.Unification None of us feel good when we are alone.

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Straight couples have loose intimate relationship ties too at some point.

A couple’s individual social life, separate social groups and habit of going out with their friends is a good idea at this time. Building This stage covers sixth to tenth years of the relationship.

The rituals and traditions of both partners are now merged. It is a great time to fix broken areas and fill gaps that you had left in the earlier stages. Rick and Resilience in Lesbian and Gay Couples: Comment on Solomon, Rothblum, and Balsam (2004).

The time of first year of moving in together in a relationship is a turning point for both of partners. Pioneers in Partnership: Lesbian and Gay couples in Civil Unions Compared With Those Not in Civil Unions and Married Heterosexual Siblings. My name is Nazish Idrees and I have been practicing in the field of Clinical Psychology since my graduation.

They share responsibilities of the house, indulge in frequent romance sessions, experience sexual contacts often, get to know each other’s positive and negative traits, and strengths and weaknesses. I have dealt with various kinds of vulnerable population in public and private sectors for therapeutic services, psychological and psychometric assessments, took part in research projects and community interventions.

For instance, if on a certain stage a couple needs to develop trust and understanding, the couple’s focus must be on building trust and understanding between them.

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