Egypt sex cam

28-Jun-2016 18:28

Rescuers have described how assailants have set up makeshift tea stands in the crowd; in one case boiling water from a tea stand was thrown over rescuers who had formed a protective ring around a woman.According to Mariz Tadros of the Institute of Development Studies, the men's motives include pleasure, a desire to dominate women, and a "perceived sense of sexual deprivation" because marriage may be financially prohibitive.The mass sexual assaults have been on the increase since the fall of Hosni Mubarak on 11 February 2011, the end of the 2011 revolution, particularly during protests in Tahrir Square and religious festivals.According to Serena Hollmeyer Taylor and other researchers at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the revolution saw a drop in complaints of harassment.Mass sexual assault has played a controversial role in Egyptian politics.In May 2005 Egyptian security forces and their agents were blamed for using it during political demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Cairo, as a weapon against female protesters.Perpetrators regularly claim to be helping the women when in fact they are attacking them, which increases the difficulty for rescuers and leaves the women not knowing who to trust.

Sexual harassment was barely discussed in Egypt before 2006.

Citing HARASSmap, which offers an interactive mapping service to which harassment can be reported, they write that 82 reports of sexual harassment were received between 7 and 25 January 2011.

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