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17-Feb-2017 01:59

Key words: pipeline, self employee, mechanical engineer, Thai land, have you eaten, how was your day, never call you name... I'm devastated my spouse of 17 yes met a girl on line first she lived in Texas then Egypt and for the last yr he has had 4 different banks CU's she tells him to set up a bank account then she supposedly deposit a check then asks him to take the money out and send it back to her in a western union it has ruined our 17 I do is cry I can't stand the lies I would just want to end it they never have talked or met just texted something is wrong with this picture I met a man last night who claimed he worked for an oil company out of Houston but never would say a name.

I'm luck I knew he gonna ask me money since he mentioned his dad died in Hong Kong and left him 11M, hahaha. I knew the minute I accepted a friend request from a stranger I had made a BIG mistake especially when he responded on Messenger almost instantly.

Looking for good friends to chat with about any subject.i never judge and am a good listener Have made some really good friends on here already. 2012) Advertisments, ads and replies are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way.

) he said he was an early riser and then asked what time it was. When I was out this evening as soon as I posted on my FB page he started in again.

Looking to practice my Greek (Beginner); Can't string along any French / Spanish lol To know more is to hit me up and figure me out :) as my name has 2 meanings. I would love to hear from you and strike up a conversation Looking for someone to chat with share the days ups and downs with. I am married wife is bi and we are open to some fun with other women if you are interested. A Hot cup of coffee and ' Pink floyd' makes me hiiighhhh ! ---------------------------------------------- -------------- Aspirant, A Regular guy who loves to capture different lives. I'm always interested in learning new things whether it's history, politics, or the guitar. I'm looking to make conversation, talk to people not from where I am. WE SUPPORT YOU BOTH FINANCIALLY AND MATERIALLY TO ENSURE YOU LIVE A COMFORTABLE LIFE.

I love getting stuff in the mail, and by having a pen pal I have an excuse to write all the nonsense that runs through my mind down on paper.

I started talking to a guy says he works overseas in a oil company has a daughter in boarding school. He lived in Ohio but worked for a company in Texas on an oil well out in the Gulf.

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Didn't seem to know anything about Hurrican Harvey. I cut it off fairly quickly last night but at I got on my phone to check the weather and my FB was open.

I have visited 9 countries - latest to New Zealand. Currently career change in computer networking doing an internship at the campus. Maybe we can exchange books or something too after we've been exchanging mail for a while. ILLUMINATI BRINGS YOU INTO THE LIMELIGHT OF THE WORLD IN WHICH YOU LIVE IN TODAY.

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