Dropbox not updating mountain lion

05-Feb-2017 21:36

Trying to picture notional systems with several levels is like thinking three moves ahead in chess.Everybody believes that they can, but only a few skilled people really can do it.That paradigm change alone would not suffice to make file handling easier, because there is still a major problem: getting files from one device to all your devices. i Cloud makes sure that my documents are always on all the devices I use. Having all documents accessible without sending them via e-mail gets rid of a stressful question: where is the latest version and what is it called?This, in combination with the OS X Versions feature, is a giant leap forward in cross-device file management. Or more accurately: i Cloud would be mind-blowing of the time.That’s usually a healthy attitude for usability issues.But that’s not the real reason why geeks are skeptical. We are the people that put salt and pepper on the pizza trying it, because we just know best.What could be the reason for such a restrictive measure? One reason is that organizing folders is engaging in the tiring discipline of information architecture. Just like a chess problem, it seems obvious once done, but takes considerable mental energy to figure out a clear and simple information architecture. Geeks don’t know and don’t really care how much their systems suck for other people. As soon as we have more than a handful of notions, or (beware!

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Most people don’t want to bother with folder structures.

However, what matters is I don’t need to before putting a file away anymore. With the introduction of Mountain Lion, Apple is about to make a major change to its file system.

Not having any more deep folder structures is generally a big relief. Your files will be tied to the app they were created in.

If you prefer to find your music through the i Tunes folders than through search and sort, then, of course, you are the file system king and you don’t need a better way to organize your files on a computer.

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Seeing how well the file system worked, Apple decided to integrate the search and sort paradigm step by step into the core interaction of the finder. I was relieved when Apple introduced default content folders in the left side Finder panel: The default content folders are: Documents – Downloads – Movies – Music – Pictures. ), but they are all pretty good compromises and adding a folder is easy.Each application comes with its own little file browser, the Document Library: The Document Library has its pros and cons, and, like so many tech people, I was quite skeptical at first.

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