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While we haven't created any forms in this tutorial so far, we've already encountered them in the Django Admin site — for example the screenshot below shows a form for editing one of our Book models, comprised of a number of selection lists and text editors. Developers need to write HTML for the form, validate and properly sanitise entered data on the server (and possibly also in the browser), repost the form with error messages to inform users of any invalid fields, handle the data when it has successfully been submitted, and finally respond to the user in some way to indicate success.Django Forms take a lot of the work out of all these steps, by providing a framework that lets you define forms and their fields programmatically, and then use these objects to both generate the form HTML code and handle much of the validation and user interaction.For example, in cases where you have multiple fields that depend on each other, you can override the Form.clean() function and again raise a That's all we need for the form in this example!Create and open the file locallibrary/catalog/and copy the entire code listing from the previous block into it.In order to perform these different actions, the view has to be able to know whether it is being called for the first time to render the default form, or a subsequent time to validate data.For forms that use a request then a typical approach for identifying whether this is the first or subsequent view invocation is to read the form data (e.g. The book renewal process will be writing to our database, so by convention we use the from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404 from import Http Response Redirect from urlresolvers import reverse import datetime from .forms import Renew Book Form def renew_book_librarian(request, pk): book_inst=get_object_or_404(Book Instance, pk = pk) # If this is a POST request then process the Form data if request.method == 'POST': # Create a form instance and populate it with data from the request (binding): form = Renew Book Form(request.

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Based on the diagram above, the main things that Django's form handling does are: class, which simplifies both generation of form HTML and data cleaning/validation.As part of this demonstration we'll extend the Local Library website so that librarians can renew books, and create, update, and delete authors using our own forms (rather than using the admin application).To understand how to write forms to get information from users and update the database.After the user presses the submit button the server will receive the form data with values from the web browser, and must validate the information.

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If the form contains invalid data the server should display the form again, this time with user-entered data in "valid" fields, and messages to describe the problem for the invalid fields.

When a valid date has been entered, we'll write it to the current record's class is the heart of Django's form handling system.