Dhcp not updating reverse lookup

15-Aug-2016 07:35

It seems a little over the top or just plain weird. To configure the zone we need one NS type record that points to the name server.

You will only really need this if you have some local servers, computers or other devices that need to be accessed. If you need help installing the DNS package do not even try this tutorial you are not ready yet. Learn to swim before jumping into the middle of the river! This is where you configure the lookups, where you know the hostname and want to find the IP address. Note: I use a serial format of the date yyyymmddnn where the last two digits ‘nn’ are just a sequential number for changes I made by hand on a particular day. We also need one A type record for each server or device in our domain. we will need to setup mailserver and the media server running mythtv called mythtvserver.

If you use DHCP to automatically give out a valid IP address to a network attached device, probably from your broadband router or Wi Fi box, you will not be able to lookup hostnames to find their IP address as they are not registered with your shiny new DNS server. You will need terminal access to you Synology NAS, it can be turned on from the Control panel - Terminal & SNMP in the terminal tab.

I found this rather useful script to Update Synology DNS records from DHCP IP address reservation. Be careful with this if your Synology NAS is accessible via the internet then this may be a security problem.

Open up the log tab and make sure the top two entries are all zones running and running.

If they are not set to that, you did something wrong. Point the DNS server setting of a device or PC to your new DNS server and use ping to try out the A, CNAME and MX records we created. This means if you perform the same lookup within a few minutes of each other the DNS does not actually do the lookup it looks in its cache first, it can do this quicker then performing the lookup. Any queries that cannot be resolved need to be forwarded to another DNS server.

So we need to create an alias record or CNAME type record.

Using a CNAME type record means if you more your mailserver and by default your blog to a different IP address you only need to update the one A type record.

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After adding these values you will now be able to ping hostnames from the internet such as and uk.You can now test it out by stopping any other DHCP servers you have running, probably on your broadband router, and then start up your one on the Synology diskstation. When I have tried to use nohup on my diskstation it has never worked.

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