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31-Oct-2016 00:35

My previous blog ("Should You Date Your Ex-Spouse," dated 1/17/11) made the audacious proposal for considering dating an ex-spouse, since the likelihood of strong positive feelings when getting married could create a positive basis for a renewed relationship, if both parties have matured and stopped blaming each other.

Dating an ex-spouse should not be simply a response to loneliness, matter of convenience and/or lack of alternatives.

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Between divorce and deciding to date, a highly important personal development needs to occur, what psychologists call "separation and individuation".

After all, your efforts produced great fruit here, so you must have done something right.

You’re married; you’ve nailed the nail; you’ve just gotten clumsy. Speakers include John Piper, David Platt, Albert Mohler, and more!

Deciding to take such an unconventional step needs to be done carefully since there are many ramifications for children and friends.

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You wouldn't want to get children's hopes up, and your choice can confuse friends who have accepted your accounts of the divorce that typically frame the ex-spouse in a less-then-positive light.

This maturational process resembles what children go through as they separate from their parents and take responsibility for their lives.