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27-Sep-2016 13:14

He is also one of many teachers for martial arts prodigy Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, it is around this time he defeats Batman in combat.He was eventually rescued and deprogrammed by Amanda Waller who recruits him for “The Suicide Squad”.He found O-sensei who taught him martial arts and helped him channel his rage.Together they found Richard Dragon who became like a brother to him.

What surprised me the most about Flashpoint was the amount of violence (not that it bothered me) and was shocked to see popular DC characters die and how some of them died.They are eventually joined by Sandra Woosan/Lady Shiva.The skill of the three became world renowned and caught the attention of the League of Assassins.Biography Ben grew up in central city without a father and perhaps as a result was filled with rage from early on.

At the age of ten he killed a burglar to save his mother’s life.Ben found himself brainwashed by them and his rage given life as the Bronze Tiger.