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05-Dec-2016 14:53

Head writer of the White House Correspondents Dinner 2017 and Emmy nominated, Prashanth Venkataramanujam (“Bill Nye Saves the World”) joins Natasha in trying to figure out Peter Pan Syndrome. Happily married actress Rahnuma Panthaky (“Modern Family”, “Teen Wolf”) gives host Natasha Chandel first-hand insight into the how the right relationship is bred, nurtured and maintained.From embracing individuality to never going to bed angry, Rahnuma offe ...…What’s keeping you from the right relationship? UCB comedian, actor and former MTV Tres host Carlos Santos joins Natasha Chandel to break down the cycle that is toxic relationships.As a result of technology, have we lost our ability to really connect?

So host Natasha Chandel decided to ask a couple of her LGBTQ friends (UCB’s Mano Agapion, Discovery Channel’s Jessica Koerner and her wife, teacher Shannon Koerner) about the similaritie ...…We’ve all had bad dates, and some of us have horror stories.

And why do people get into these strenuous situation ...…Dating seems hard enough as it is. Geekscape podcast host and writer/director Jonathan London opens up to Natasha Chandel about his recent divorce after 11 years with his ex. our host Natasha Chandel’s father joins Kinda Dating to break down astrology, the difference between Wes ...…Cheaters. Maybe you need to revamp your online dating profile!